Our menu is about building good relationships with our suppliers, supporting local farming practices, small producers, and artisans, creating a network of professionals that share the same vision; to progress and inspire. Incorporating a healthy and medicinal element in our cuisine for wellbeing, is part of our dishes.

Having a fundamental understanding of classical cuisine, using local ingredients and exploring new techniques; with this, we can create a unique experience.

Sourcing our ingredients and knowing the provenance of an ingredient; is just as important as utilising them to their full potential. Being resourceful in our cooking approach creates a dialogue between our team and other artisans, this is an important step in the creative process.

Our lunch menu is A La Carte.

Dinner is a Tasting Menu. Each guest can choose their own tasting menu from 3 courses.
We do offer a non-alcoholic pairing, please inform us upon making the reservation if you are interested.



3 COURSE 385
4 COURSE 485
5 COURSE 585
6 COURSE 685
7 COURSE 785

House made Charcuterie Selection, Mustard

Tomatoes : Dr Weiss, Striped German, Sweet Currant, Consomme
Raw Yellowtail, Watermelon, Lime
Nettle, Nasturtium Flowers, Avocado, Cheddar
Raw Dexter Beef, Oyster Emulsion, Linseeds
Himo Togarashi, Green Peppers, Almonds, Bokkom
Gnocchi, Klipkombers, Kohlrabi, Apple, Sea Lettuce
Linefish, Tomatillos, Padron Peppers
Mussels, Papino Melon, Charcoal Butter, Chives
Kyoto & Fairytale Aubergines, Manganji Peppers, Curry
Suckling Pig, Dune Spinach, Mustard, Shishito Pepper
Lamb, Potato, Huacatay, Green Coriander, Jus

Boerenkaas, Teff Grains, Preserved Fig, Pecan Nut
70 % Chocolate, Sorghum, Caramel
Mango, White Chocolate, Almond, Lemon
Frozen Gin, Nectarine, Peaches, Milk Chocolate


Beaumont New Baby  2017 ….. R640
Hazendal Chardonnay 2017….. R490
Kloof Street Chenin Blanc 2018 ….. R270
Albeit Vote for Pedro NV …. R450
The Foundry Roussanne 2017….. R410
Rall Grenache Blanc 2017….. R510
Thistle & Weed Khakibos Verdelho 2018 ….R540
Painted Wolf Penny Viognier  2018 ….. R380 / 90
Leeu Passant Chardonnay 2018 …..R880 / 290

Southern Right  Sauvignon Blanc 2018 ….. R320 / 80
Miles Mossop Saskia Magnum 2015….. R1300 / 160
Blank Bottle Don’t Look Back 2017 ….. R440
Migliarina Pinot Gris 2017 …. R380
Alheit Cartology 2018 ….. R 580 / 180
Blank Bottle Offspring 2016….. R430
Sadie Kokerboom 2017 ….. R650

Tanagra Blanc de Noir 2018…..R250
Spider Pig Bro-Zay Rose 2018 …..R270 /80

Kershaw Clonal Pinot Noir 2016…..R 770 / 280
Craven Cinsaut 2018 …. R430
Doolhof Theseus 2014 ….. R570
The Garajeest Cabernet Franc 2015….. R450
Thelema Rabelais 2014….. R880
Simonsig Redhill Pinotage 2016….. R690
Muratie Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve  2015 ….. R570
Blank Bottle My Koffer  2017….. R450
Oldenburg Merlot 2015 ….. R390
B.I.G Magnum Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 .. R1200 / 140
Kershaw Syrah 2015 ….. R780
Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec 2017….. R590 / 210
Strandveld Grenache 2018….. R490 / 120
Botanica Pinot Noir 2017 ….. R470
Longridge Maandans Pinotage 2017 …. R1350 / 350
Blank Bottle Familiemoord 2018 ….R550 / 140  
Lozarn Carmenere 2017 ….. R720 / 230
Muratie Ansela van de Caab 2006 …. R750 / 250
Blank Bottle Magnum 69.999 Syrah 2018 …. R1100 / 120



Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2015….. R 1200 / 220
Mullineux Straw Wine 2017….. R580 / 110
Groot Constantia Grand Constance 2016…..   R760 / 140


Lowerland Colombard MCC 2016….. R390
Tokara MCC 2011…… R1250
Silverthorn Jewel Box MCC 2014….. R600 / 160
Paul Rene Brut Rose 2016…… R 480/140
Simonsig Cuvee Royale MCC 2014….. R580
Charles Fox Cipher MCC 2013….. R750


Geometric Gin
A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin
Hope on Hopkins Vodka
Joseph Barry 10 VSOP
Ladysmith pot still 8-year-old
Remy Martin VSOP
Bain’s whisky
Jorgenson absinthe
Mhoba Agricole Rum
La Leona Karoo Agave Reposada
Antica Formula red vermouth
Bruichladdich classic laddie Islay whisky single malt
Tanagra Marc de Chardonnay Barrique


Blueberry and Rooibos Kombucha
Ginger and Lime Beetroot Kvass
Symmetry Tonic Selection


Darling Pilsner Draught on tap
Little Wolf Hoppy Wheat Ale
Jack Cluver Apple Cider
Eversons Pear Cider


Fromage Blanc
Fresh herbs, Nasturtium oil. 125

Oysters 30 each
served with our house made sriracha sauce &
Passionfruit Granita
Apple and lime Granita

House made Charcuterie Platter
Selection of our charcuterie, duck liver parfait, duck rillette, pickles. 195

Raw Beef
Citrus Aioli, Blood Sorrel, Pangrattato. 150

Fish Ceviche
Leche de tigre, Mustard Leaf, Crispy skin. 145

Quail with Lowerland Grains
Moskonfyt and Fynbos Glaze. 195

Roasted Baby Cabbage
Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Koji, Herbs. 170

Lemon, Onion, Seaweed. 170

Fish – subject to availability
Whole or fillets, grilled over the fire, olives, kumquat preserve. 180

Afrikoa Chocolate Terrine. 120
Ice Cream Lollipop Selection. 110 for 2